What Happens If You Put Ice in a Deep Fryer? [Real Feeling]

If you never come to know what happens if you put ice in a deep fryer, then you must not try this beforehand. Well, there are scientific facts behind it between the boiling point of oil and water.

Water comes with the least boiling point, whereas oil has the max. So when you put them together then immediately an explosion may occur. Things would be even deteriorating based on the number of ice cubes you will drop. Obviously the more the worsen result will come out.

So, let’s begin the mysterious journey of what happens after dropping ice in the deep fryer. Throughout this article, we are going to uncover it, stay tuned.

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    Why Does Ice Explode in a Deep Fryer

    The answer lies in physics, and the chapter name is thermodynamics, so let’s share the answer with you.

    As we have mentioned about the boiling point, so it be. The boiling point starts from 100 degrees C, but this temperature is no longer comparable with the oil-based on atmospheric pressure.

    Instead of that, the oil boiling temp is around 210 degrees C so roughly more than double. Here, you should understand what is about specific heat capacity. Well, it a standard form of heat energy that turns out based on per unit of mass. Also, it is a part of the physical property of any material.

    Now let’s disclose the main thing like why the explosion occurs. The fact is the insanely high temperature causes the ice cube to turn out water from solid ice abruptly. The instant change of ice cube to water then to steam make a huge pressure also in volume. Consequently, it brings the explosion into the matter.

    How Can You Deep Fry Water?

    Well, it sounds weird to hear “Can we have deep-fried water?” But technically, yes it is possible as many chef have tested it before. So the question is how this we are going to make this cool stuff?

    To give you that answer, we need to talk about spherification. The process by which water would be deep-fried is called spherification. That said, you need to create an outer layer consist of the following things:

    1. Calcium alginate
    2. Sodium alginate
    3. Calcium Chloride

    While you will bring these three together and they will make a membrane surrounding liquid and eventually form in a new solid shape.  Finally, you can put this on your deep fryer and enjoy it!

    Can You Fry with Water Instead of Oil?

    Technically not because oil has the least boiling point and to prepare any food, it has to be even more than that. However, what you may do is to cook mash potatoes but still weird to serve indeed. You may get squishy and soft potatoes out of the water, because a potato begins to soften under 100 degrees Celsius boiling temperature.

    What happens when you put ice in deep fryer? (Real Experience)

    Before jumping onto the experiment, we must come to know what type of ice you are going to dip in? Well, there are two types of ice, and we should explain to them both.

    Normal Ice: This type of ice we commonly use and thus a very familiar one. You can easily get this from freezing water toggle your freezer at zero degrees Celsius. Afterwards, you may put ice in deep-fryer to see what is going to happen.

    Dry Ice: Dry ice means carbon dioxide, which takes form in a solid structure. The process of making it is to keep it and store it within the gas in a tiny place where the temperature remains very low.

    Dry ice basically found in many factories as it works as a cooling agent. That said, it is more effective to make something cool, and apparently, it has more lowering temperature than regular ice.

    Which One to Pick?

    As, you have come to know there would be two kinds of ice so you must be thinking about which one you should pick, right? Well, the ideal one would be regular ice. Because of a few reasons and the first reason is it is easy to find anywhere. Secondly, regular ice is cheaper but to collect dry ice you need to buy it. The final reason is the normal ice is safer, and this is the main reason indeed.


    Before going straight to the experiment, be sure you stay far from your deep fryer. Because you may have some terrible experience if you come closer to it.

    When you undergo this experiment, the reaction will amaze you. In this experiment, the ice in the deep fryer and burning oil together will create some bubble, and the danger would be the oil will spill outside.

    But why it is?

    Because once the ice comes in contact with the hot oil, it comes to melting, and soon after it turns out as cold water rather than cold ice.


    Here the factual stuff is with the boiling point and we have mentioned it at the beginning. As we know the boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius whereas, oil has 210 degrees Celsius so apparently, they are not similar. That said, the heat capacity of oil is twice compared to the heat capacity of water.

    Rounding Up

    You must have heard these 4 words “Don’t try at home”. Yes, we recommend you not to try at home as an experiment. Because of two reasons, the first one is for your safety and the second one is there is nothing you can make vice versa of it as it is a proven experiment.

    Hopefully, we have shown you up the experiment in our words and verified the facts of it. This is fun to see, like the reaction of ice and oil but dangerous as well. If you know anything more which we did not cover here, then feel free to let us know.