How Is An Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached? [Easy Ways]

I can’t think of going for an afternoon wandering without my dog. So, I brought a dog harness to tie with my favorite pet. But that was the easiest part as putting on the dog harness on the dog perfectly was the toughest job.

However, that’s the most important part as your pet is going to feel uncomfortable while stepping, sleeping & running if you don’t put it in the correct way.

Many times I get the questions like, how is an easy walk harness correctly attached?

Well, after reading the article, you will be able to offer your dog a pleasant experience of easy walk harnessing.

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    Why Do You Need Easy Walking Harness for Dogs?

    The harness intends to give the benefit of holding a dog with the goal that the dog won’t take off at the smallest toss of a ball or seeing a flying bird.

    Many of the dog lovers prefer collars, but if the dog is old and weak or having a feeble neck and spine, then I’ll recommend using a harness. Again, if your dog’s head is similar in size of its neck then, collars won’t help. 

    Why Is It Important to Put on the Dog Easy Walk Harness Correctly?

    When you put on the dog an easy walk harness correctly, both the pet and you will have advantages:

    • The easy walker harness will restrict the dog from pulling away from the leash. Whenever he wants to pull, the harness redirects his attention to you.
    • Appropriate sizing of the harness on the dog’s chest is seamless for all sorts of activities. Whenever you deal with the dog in harness, you will have better control over him.
    • The harness saves the dog from injuries like trachea, especially if he has a tendency to pull the leash.

    How Is an Easy Walk Harness Correctly Attached?

    easy walk harness correctly attached

    I presume you have decided to try an easy walk harness from getting rid of the pull during a walk. If it is so, then you need to know how you can put on easy walk harness correctly. Don’t panic already. I’ll tell you how you can do it perfectly.

    There are two ways you can put the harness on the dog.

    1. Step-in dog harness.
    2. Overhead dog harness.

    Step-in Dog Harness:

    • Have someone to feed the dog so that the dog would be distracted while harnessing.
    • With the right fit determined, lay the dog harness on the ground with both leg passages wide open.
    • Softly bring your pet’s paws in the passages.
    • Pull up the passages slowly so that they can be strapped on the right position.
    • Buckle up them carefully so that it might not be tightened or loose. Otherwise, the animal will be restless.

    Overhead Dog Harness:

    • Let your pet stay upright and by holding his head softly insert the belts onto his neck.
    • Buckle the harness belts gradually onto his body.
    • Keep the buckles in such a place where the dog is not let loose or tightened much.
    • Attach a hook the belt on the buckles for having better control.

    Easy Walk Harness Sizing

    At first, you need to determine the appropriate size of the harness that suits your dog best. For that, the chest width measurement of the pet is taken round from the back of the neck to through the back of the foreleg. The easy walk harness consists of a 3-way strap.

    The shoulder straps cross right behind the back of the pet. The belly strap fits right through under the chest of the dog behind the front legs. The third strap passes right through the forward chest. The harness should be adjusted for the chest width using the strap adjustments.    

    Well, if you had a question on your mind that how is an easy walk harness correctly attached? I hope you have got the answer. Now, as you know, the right way of putting on the dog walk easy harness; you need to know how you can handle the leash.

    Now It’s Time to Attach the Leash and Walk Around

    The leash connects the harness with you. Leashes are of various types, colors, sizes, materials. Your leash should be comfortable enough to hold it on your hand.

    The leash should be clean and dry. Don’t roam around with your dog with a dirty leash that will make the dog stay away from you.

    By handling the leash, you will have full control over your dog. You can restrict him from going too much away from you. Just make sure you have a protected hold of the leash.

    What should be the length of the leash? Many prefer to have a long leash to give the pet walk independently. But, if you want an enjoyable afternoon walk with your dog, you can’t just let him walk independently, right? Own a length of leash that will keep you two together comfortably. I prefer to have my leash within 4-6 feet.  

    Note: After putting the dog on the easy walk harness when you take him outside for first few times, the dog might not like the way to walk as you. Handle it with patience. He will eventually learn how to walk with you putting on the harness.

    Bonus tip: Most of us leave the leash while collecting the dog’s poop. Don’t do that. You can collect it using one hand by holding the leash with another hand. It’s a common mistake to drop the leash while you are collecting the poop. If you do so, you might end up with losing your favorite friend while only collecting its poop.

    Why Do the Dogs Hate Harness?

    Dogs don’t usually like to be in chain what we call harness. The possible reasons can be:

    • The dogs don’t want anything over their head.
    • It’s unusual for them to have a hand near their face.
    • The harness makes them uncomfortable if not fitted correctly.
    • They’re sensitive to the harness constituents.

    What to do then? Well, I have some suggestions for you;

    1. Put the harness on when only you are taking the dog outside.
    2. Make sure the area is completely fine to put on the harness. If the dog is wounded, leave the harness for the day.
    3. Wash the harness with soapy water and let it line dry. It may soften the harness.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it safe to leave the harness on the dog all the time?

    It is recommended not to keep the harness always as it keeps the dog uncomfortable. However, you can keep it as long as you need to identify your pet if there’s many at a time like in a picnic.

    Do dogs pull more with a harness?

    Anti pull harnesses can reduce even remove the pulling behavior of your pet. In general, harnesses take the strain off your dog’s neck offering you great control.

    Is it better to use a harness or a collar?

    Harnesses will not provide the dogs the same comfort as the collars give. If you are planning for the whole day, go for collars. The dogs having more pulling behavior might face neck injury in collars. The harness would be a better choice for those cases.

    What are the different types of dog harnesses?

    Dog harnesses can be divided into two main groups:

    1. Y- Harness (Full collar harness)
    2. Breast strap harness (Chest harness)

    Last words

    Dogs are your best companion. I know you offer everything to keep safe and sound. Introducing harnesses is no exception to that. Just keep in mind that handle the pet with much care after putting on the harness. I hope now you know how an easy walk harness is correctly attached. Apart from that, try to understand its moods. Otherwise, you might not have a great walk together.

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