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Fried foods taste best when they are served without making late after frying. Reheated or later served fried foods lose their taste over time. You will get crispy, flaky textured, soggy fried foods if you take it later.

You will hardly find a tastier and more satisfying homemade food item than perfectly fried French fries. It is healthier compared to the restaurant that makes French fries. Selecting the right oil type, temperature, amount of food, etc., everything can be controlled at home.

When cooking your own French fries at home, it is significantly essential what exactly you are doing. How long to deep fry French fries in a deep fryer, how much ingredient is needed, and many more.

Continue reading this article; I will share in-depth information on homemade fried French fries.

How Long to Deep Fry French Fries in Deep Fryer

So what is the process of cooking a delicious homemade French fries in the deep fryer? A perfect batch of French fries can easily be cooked with the following tips and techniques.

Correct Size and Shape of the Potatoes is the Key

Homemade deep fryers are small-sized, and the potatoes’ correct size and shape will fit nicely in it. Moreover, the right size and shape of potatoes’ will ensure that the correct amount of oil will be absorbed.

However, don’t assume that all the pieces have to have the exact size and shape. No worries and cut them as much as similar. This way, flavor and textured will also be consistent.

Prepare the Batch Carefully

Are you planning to deep fry French fries in a single batch altogether? Don’t plan this way, whatever amount of French fries you have, either small or large, plan to deep fry in batches.

Check your deep fryer size and make several batches. Don’t fill up the fryer with oil fully. Hot oil may splash everywhere, and it is dangerous. Besides, after cooking, the cleanup process will also be troublesome.

What Temperature to Deep Fry French Fries?

Before deep frying, fill the deep fryer up with an adequate amount of oil so that the batch of potatoes can submerge into oil completely. As stated earlier, not to cross the deep fryer’s capacity. Some room is necessary for the fries, and thus, you can avoid spillover. It is advisable to use vegetable oil for deep frying.

When deep-frying French fries, people make one common mistake about temperature settings. They think that one temperature setting is ok for all sizes. In fact, the flavor and texture of different food types depend a lot on setting the right temperature. So, you have to control the temperature carefully in order to achieve delicious French fries.

You will find an adjustable thermostat in most of the deep fryers model for temperature control. Or, keep a temperature controller to check the temperature time to time. Check the highest temperature setting of your deep fryer. If it is 325° F, set it to 275° F instead.

How Long to Deep Fry French Fries in Deep Fryer?

It would be best if you decide to start deep frying with a small batch in lower settings of heat (either 325° F or 275° F, according to the deep fryer settings). Cook them for 5 minutes. However, within 5 minutes, they will not be cooked. You will get slightly colored and soft French fries at this point.

Take them out from the deep fryer and spread them over a paper towel. Wait for the next 5 – 10 minutes so that oil can soak.

After 5 -10 minutes, turn the temperature to 275° F (if it is the highest temperature of your deep fryer) Once the fries get cooled, again put them into the hot oil and fry until you get golden-brown color.

Before serving, Drain and Season the French Fries

Again remove the French fries from the deep fryer and drain the oil by placing them over a paper towel. Use salt and pepper to season them. Or you can use your favorite seasonings. Serve hot and delicious French fries with your preferable condiments.

What are the Best Potatoes for Deep Frying?

Don’t think that you can deep fry crispy French fries with all type of potatoes. Some potato types make better French fries than others.

Russet Burbank Potato is the best potato type for making French fries in a deep fryer. French fries of this potato type is popular in the USA. Maris Piper Potato is another type of potato that is also well-known for offering crispy French fries.

Russet potatoes come in different types. Look at the below list.

  • Russet Burbank
  • Russet Norkotah
  • Ranger Russet
  • Alta Russet
  • Shepody
  • Alturas
  • Frontier Russet
  • Goldrush
  • Defender

You might be thinking why the above-listed potato types are best for frying French fries. They come with the below characteristics.

Well-balanced Ratio of Solid-water:

Russet potatoes contain high starch content. As a result, when you fry them, they become crispy on the outside. In contrast, the inside of these potatoes remains fluffy.

Undoubtedly, they are delicious and have an appealing golden color.

Availability of High Nutritional Value:

Russet potatoes contain

  • Vitamin C
  • Protein
  • Vitamin B6
  • Iron

Moreover, they are rich in high antioxidants and fiber levels.

Characteristics of Floury-fluffy and Texture:

Crispy potatoes are ensured with floury-fluffy potatoes. All types of russet potatoes have these characteristics, but this characteristic is more present in Maris Piper potato. However, this potato type is unavailable in the USA since harvesting is quite challenging. But they are imported to the USA from the UK.

What is the Best Oil for Frying French Fries?

When picking the best oil for frying French fries, go with a high smoke point.

Natural oils such as peanut, canola, vegetable, safflower, grape-seed, et cetera are all best at this point. All these oil types have more than 350° F smoke point. Similarly, corn, sesame, coconut oils also have 350° F+ smoke points. Additionally, they provide a lot of flavor on the finished food.

Don’t choose refined oils like olive oil because they have a low smoke point and your French fries will burn before it gets the golden-brown color.

Why is Double Frying Necessary When Frying French Fries?

Reading the above best way to deep fry French fries, you might be thinking, why do I need to double-fry my French fries? Is it essential? What if I cook it for once?

Well, double frying is necessary with many different dishes, especially with French fries. It will let your food get the satisfying crust.

In simple words, frying food means drying up the ingredients.

When you put potatoes in the oil for the first time, you allow the food item to release moisture as much as it can. Then you soaked them for a specific amount of time.

And the second time frying gives the food item crispiness.

This is the trick of double frying of French fries and other food items.

Last Thought

These are all the basics of “how long to deep fry French fries in a deep fryer” at home. You can surprise your family and friends with the above tips with delicious, tasty, crispy French fries for sure.  

I covered a lot of information to fill up the quench related to French fries. Hopefully, you will not have any other query related to getting crispy French fries at home.

Enjoy the meal with your beloved ones.

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