Can You Put Porcelain in The Oven? [Honest Answer is Here]

Many of you are baking enthusiasts and love to bake anytime when you are free. Imagine, you have started baking in one peaceful evening. After preparing other necessary things, you are ready to put your porcelain made plate into the microwave oven. Hold on a second here. Can you put porcelain in the oven? Is porcelain oven proof?

It seems like most of us are confused already. Well, we are here to make you clear. In the article, we shall learn whether your porcelain plates in the oven are safe or not. 

What is Porcelain?

The word ‘Porcelain’ refers to a varied range of ceramic products used in our daily life baked at a high temperature to achieve glassy qualities. Porcelain is usually made from two ingredients. They are ‘kaolin’ popularly known as ‘china clay’ and ‘pottery stone.’  China clay is a silicate mineral that provides plasticity and structure of the porcelain. Pottery stone gives the ceramic its transparency and hardness.

Porcelain allows the bright light to pass through it. Usually, porcelain products are expensive to buy. It is heated to high temperatures during its making to make it glossy and hard that elevates its value.

Porcelain is a ceramic used for many things like tiles, floors, sinks, dinnerware, and bakeware. It is nonporous and shock, chipping resistant.

What Is the Meaning of Microwave Safe?

‘Microwave safe’ means the product’s materials should not break, ruin, damage, or release any toxic chemicals while absorbing the heat of the conventional oven. Using the right cookware is necessary to prevent any kind of damage to your microwave. It also protects us from foodborne sickness. So, be careful of what you are putting inside the oven. Above all, you should only use the bakeware, has labeled as “microwave safe” on the dish.

Well, is porcelain oven-safe?

Can You Put Porcelain in The Oven?

Porcelain is heated at over 2300˚F during its making to give it a hard shape. The high temperature makes porcelain products extremely durable and resilient to thermal shock and heat. So, it can stand with the high temperature of the conventional oven. Most of the porcelain products are oven safe.

However, thinner and decorative porcelain dishes should not go into the oven. They are more prone to break or crack than others. If a dish doesn’t have formulated coatings, it was not heated at a high temperature. Putting it inside your oven is a risk.

Again, the term “porcelain” is used so uncertainly; any creation of materials can be called by that name. Making of porcelain can differ broadly, with some comprising glass or bone ashes. This change can make it hard to decide if older pieces of porcelain are oven proof or not.

The best guidance I can give is to check the label or stamp attached to the dish.

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What Type of Plates Should You Not Use in Oven?

Before putting a dish into the oven, check whether the dish comes with any decoration. Dishes with metal foils may produce electric sparks or start a fire at worse. Plates with metal foils such as gold, aluminum, or silver should not be placed in the oven anytime.

Please don’t place any plastic dishes in the oven unless they are labeled as microwave safe. The plastics are prone to damage under certain heat and may release toxic chemicals in your food that may cause you illness.

Also, don’t use wood in the oven because it will probably wrap. If the wooden dish is glued, then you may get the splits along the adhesive line.

However, porcelain dishes are usually safe to put in the oven as they don’t release toxic chemicals, keeping the food safe for you. 


Can porcelain be used for baking?

Porcelain is a kind of ceramic that is heated at high temperatures while it’s making. A baking dish made of porcelain can withstand thermal shock and heat of the oven. Thus, porcelain can be used for baking.

Does porcelain leach into food?

Usually, porcelain products are heat stable. So, they don’t leach any chemicals. Unglazed porcelain may be dangerous, but if fired properly, they’re safe to eat from.

Is porcelain a ceramic?

There’s not much difference between porcelain and ceramic. Porcelain is a type of ceramic. Both are made of clays. The main difference is porcelain clays are fired at a higher temperature than the other.

Which is better? China or porcelain?

China usually is thinner than porcelain. Porcelain is heated at a higher temperature than china, which makes it durable and harder. Bone china offers more elegance in appearance because of lighter weight and body composition.

Final Verdict

Well, can you put porcelain in the oven? I hope you are clear now. Most of the porcelains are durable enough to put inside the oven. To be on the safe side, I’ll recommend you look for the label on whether you can put it in the oven or not.