Can You Deep Fry an Egg? A Complete Frying Guide: Dwell Hack

Maybe you prefer fried eggs, after trying deep-fried eggs, you may find it very difficult to resist them. A properly cooked deep-fried egg offers a delicious caramelized flavor. Fried eggs are also great to look at, with crunchiness like a slightly fried poached egg that tempts you to bite straight away.

Everyone is unable to make a deep-fried egg since it requires a bit different method to cook.

Hopefully, this article will let you nod your head to the question “Can you deep fry an egg.”

  • Vegetable (tomato) – 750 ml
  • Cooking oil
  • Egg
  • Egg fryers
  • Wooden stick
  • Paper towel
  • Pepper

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How to Deep Fry an Egg?

Step 01: Gather all the required ingredients

Read the “what you need to deep fry an egg?” section to collect the required ingredients. All the components need readily available because it is a quick-cooking process. You have to keep close eyes on the egg to avoid overcooked.

Step 02: Let the cooking oil and vegetables get heated

Pour the cooking oil in a pot or fry pan. Let the cooking oil get heated around 195°C. Then cook vegetables first.

Step 03: Crack the egg

Take a small bowl or cup and crack the egg in it. Make sure the yolk is unbroken when breaking the egg. You can’t deep fry an egg with a broken yolk.

Step 04: Pouring the egg onto the egg fryer

In this section, the cracked egg needs to be slid onto the egg fryer.

Step 05: The egg needs to be poured into the boiling cooking oil carefully

Use your one hand to slope the cooking pot or pan to one side. And pour the egg carefully into the boiling cooking oil. At this step, if you remain careless, boiling oil can splash over you and make damage. So, be very careful.

Step 06: Quickly turn the egg to another side with the oil using a stick made of wood

The egg will receive an oval shape. The yolk is safely inserted into the white area, and you will see the white portions only. Use a stick made of wood to turn the egg carefully. Let the egg cook for the next 1 minute.

Using 2 wooden sticks will make the turning or rolling task easier.

Step 07: Take the egg out from the oil

When the white portion will turn brownish, be sure that the egg is entirely fried. And you have to use a slotted stick to take out the egg from the oil.

Step 08: Serve the fried egg on a kitchen or paper towel

Characteristically, fried eggs lose their airiness quickly. Which means you have to serve the fried egg just after taking it out from the oil.

Step 09: Taste the egg

Before eating, as per your requirement and taste, you can add salt or pepper. The luxurious treat will only be ensured when the fried egg is served quickly.

  • With freshly made toast, you will get a delicious taste of fried egg.
  • Serve it with the slices of cooked tomato.

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Tips for Deep Fry an Egg

Can You Deep Fry an Egg
  • Use a dry wooden stick.
  • Don’t keep yourself busy doing any other things when cooking the deep-fried egg. Take help from another person to prepare the toast.
  • Monitor the oil temperature using an oil thermometer. Too hot oil will burn the egg and not enough hot oil will turn the egg soggy.


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Last Words

Cooking a deep-fried egg is not a challenging task. If you are a novice in cooking it, you have to be careful when cracking the egg and to pour it into the boiled oil. Once you get familiar with the process, you can cook a delicious fried egg recipe.

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