When Do You Add Fabric Softener to the Wash – Tips and Tricks

Do your clothes have gone rough and scratchy? Want to bring back the softness and freshness again? Fabric softener can be then a total game-changer in your washing routine! Moreover, it adds a soothing fragrance to your clothing that will literally lift your mood for the rest of the day! So, what are you waiting for?

Washing clothes regularly with detergent makes the fiber stiff and static. Fabric softener, which is also known as fabric conditioner, does what basically the name suggests. It conditions and lubricates the fiber. So, the clothes don’t feel stiff and scratchy against the skin anymore.

You may ask, when do you add fabric softener to the wash? To appease your thoughts, we have put together when to add fabric softener and every other thing about using this stuff correctly. Have a look.

when do you add fabric softener to the wash

Fabric softeners are meant to stay on your clothes after the wash. Depending upon the type of washing machine you’re using, the fabric softener is poured into the dispenser when you start the machine.

Now, when to add fabric softener without a dispenser attached? In the last rinse actually. After the laundry detergent has washed away the clothes, mix some fabric softener into the water manually, and you are good to go! Make sure not to put undiluted fabric conditioner on your clothing. It can cause staining if it is not thinned down sufficiently. You don’t want that to happen to your cute dresses, do you?

Now, if you’re impatient to wait for the right cycle to come, then softener ball can be a great help to you. You will easily get it in the laundry section of any local store. Fill it as per your washload and place it with them in the washer. As the machine spins, it opens up exactly when it needs to.

Pro tip: Pour some liquid fabric softener on a piece of cloth and put it on the dryer. It works really well yet takes less product.

If you find all of this hassling, then you may wonder, can you put fabric softener straight into the washing machine? Well, we suggest you not to. If you still want to, then first dilute it well. Follow the instruction that comes with the softener manual.

However, we got a solution for you if you got softener stains by mistake. Combine vinegar and water in a container and soak the stained clothing for 2-3 days and rewash them using detergent.

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Final Words

Fabric softener can be an important addition to every wash cycle. It can do wonder if used right. Again, it can cause blunder when you’re not well informed about when to add fabric softener to wash. So, get your facts right. Mix fabric softener in the finishing rinse cycle and get fluffy soft and super fresh clothes that you’ve always desired!

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