Can You Use Regular Detergent in An HE Washer – Know Before Using

If you are a clean freak and cheapskate at the same time, then you might be wondering, can you use regular detergent in an HE washer? Is high-efficiency or HE detergent really necessary, or is it just hyped to sell us a new product?

We will help you find whether you will always have to use HE laundry detergent, or you can use them with the regular ones interchangeably to cut the cost. Scroll down to find out the answers.

Okay, first thing first. To understand the difference between HE soap vs regular soap, you need to know how the high-efficiency washers differ from the traditional washers.

The traditional ones wash the washload in constant motion at a high water level. In contrast, the HE front or top-loading washers save energy by using a tumbling action. Again, it’s water-saving too as it uses comparatively less volume of water. That’s the reason why they require a different type of detergent than the regular ones.

So, can you use regular detergent in an he washer? No, you should always use HE detergent with your HE washer. As the HE detergents create fewer bubbles, it works best with the HE machines.

However, you may use this detergent with the traditional washing machine too, and it will wash your clothes perfectly. Just refrain yourself from using it more to create more suds. More suds don’t guarantee better cleaning power, though most people think they do!

It’s human psychology. We love to see something happening. So, you may ask why to use high-efficiency detergent when regular ones are creating more bubbles at a lower price? Here’s where you are wrong. The HE washers detergent is more concentrated than the regular ones – which makes it more efficient to produce cleaner clothes.

Also, you will be able to use it a lot lesser than you use the regular ones. Just two tablespoons and you’re good to go. Yes, you read that right. However, try to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best performance.

Will regular detergent ruin an HE washer

It might happen that you ran out of HE detergent and need to use emergency alternatives or just tempted to use the regular ones thinking if HE detergent necessary or not. But the manufacturers won’t like the idea of using regular detergent in HE machine which might put the warranty at risk!

Repeated use of regular detergent might cause chronic leaking from the front or back of the washer that will result in demanding a repair. It can also clog up the machine and resulting in a foul odor as there won’t be enough water to rinse out the detergent. Again, putting regular detergent might confuse the wash cycle by repeatedly triggering it and waste a lot more water and energy.

What Happens If You Use Regular Detergent In A He Washer

Don’t panic if you’ve put regular detergent in the HE washer by mistake. We have got your back. When you see a ton of bubbles or realize that you put the wrong detergent in the washer, follow these steps to minimize any further effects:

  1. Stop the current wash cycle immediately.
  2. Restart it and select the spin cycle.
  3. Follow with another spin or rinse cycle only with cold water to remove the excessive suds.
  4. Proceed with the regular wash cycle, preferably with cold water, in case of any residue of the detergent.

How much regular detergent to use in high efficiency washer

Use non-HE detergent only in emergency cases like when you run out HE soap and really need to wash your clothes. You have to keep in mind that the HE washer uses less water. So, use a lot less detergent like half or one-third the amount of HE detergent you usually use. Or just put one-fourth of the amount of regular detergent you generally use in your traditional washer. It’s better to dilute it in a large bowl of water first, before putting it into the washer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last Words

So, can you use regular detergent in an HE washer? The answer is only to use if there is an emergency, not regularly. With the increasing popularity of HE washers, brands have released readily available HE versions of their most popular detergents. These detergents are actually easy to find in a grocery store.

Moreover, little goes a long way as you will be able to use it less than the conventional detergent. So, watch for the HE symbols and avoid buying the wrong kind to preserve the longevity of your high-efficiency washer.