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Do you love to add super softness and an amazing fragrance to your clothes? Fabric softener is just the thing you need! It brings back the freshness to the clothes you always wanted! You will find your clothing to feel less rough and scratchy against the skin.

Some washing machines come with an automatic fabric softener, and some don’t. So, if you’re the one who doesn’t have a washer with a fabric softener dispenser, then you may ask yourself, can I put fabric softener in the bleach dispenser? Or how to add fabric softener without a dispenser? Don’t worry. We are here to fill you in. Scroll down to know about when to add fabric softener without a dispenser.

Okay, before asking, can you put fabric softener in the bleach dispenser, you must know how does bleach dispenser in the washing machine work.

can i put fabric softener in the bleach dispenser

When you pour the bleach in the dispenser, it goes straight into the tub but outside the basket containing your washload. As a result, clothes and bleach are separated until it’s diluted. Undiluted bleach ruins your clothes. As the washer fills for the wash cycle, bleach gets diluted to a safe level until it comes in contact with your clothes.

Besides, when the white clothes have gone dull and grey, use bleach. There’s no harm. There are color-safe non-chlorine bleach as well for your colored clothing. Be careful to follow the bleach manufacturer’s recommendation as they are highly reactive. It’s better to be sure than sorry, right?

Coming back to the question, “can you use fabric softener with bleach?” The answer is simple, never! Don’t combine anything with bleach. There might be some chemical component in the softener that reacts with bleach and release chlorine gas!

As typical washer rooms are small, you won’t need much time to pass out. And you don’t want that, do you? We are not saying to banish bleach from your house. It can do a miracle if used in the right way.

Again, if you are thinking of putting the only softener in the bleach dispenser, then please, don’t do that too. Those who do that complain about softener getting piled up. As a result, when they use bleach, it no longer follows the right path into the fill-stream of water entering the washer. Instead, it overflows the sub tray and spills directly onto the laundry drum, causing them to get ruined. 

This brings us back to the question, “how to add fabric softener without dispenser?” Relax. We have got you covered.

How to use liquid fabric softener without a dispenser?

Having no softener dispenser, you might be asking yourself, “when do I put fabric softener in the washer?” Here’s when you can add and all the other alternatives that can help:

1. After the clothes have been washed by the laundry detergent, mix some softener manually during the finishing rinse cycle. That way it remains on the clothing after the wash. Add it into the water. Avoid direct contact with clothes to prevent any chance of stains.

2. You can also buy a softener ball, which you can find in the laundry section of every local store. Fill it according to your washload. Place it into the washing machine at the beginning of the wash. It is designed to open up and release the softener at the right time of the cycle. It’s a great help for forgetful ones who miss the rinse cycle and super impatient ones who can’t wait for the right cycle to come! So, if you’re one of them, go for it.

3. Pour some on a rag and place it on the dryer. It takes less product and works really well.

4. You can also purchase wool dryer balls or dryer sheets and use them instead of liquid softener. 

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Laundry mishaps and how to fix them

Accidentally put detergent in fabric softener dispenser? Don’t panic. It won’t ruin the washing machine or your clothes. Separate compartments are needed as the washer releases them at different times when they do the most good.

Here’s another question you might ask, when does fabric softener get dispensed? The answer is, it is in the final rinse cycle. So, when you put detergent in the softener dispenser by mistake, it will be just late to reach the tub. Then the clothes won’t cleanse properly. So, re-run the load having soap and softener in their correct dispensers. And you’re good to go.

Another mishap that can occur is putting softener in the detergent dispenser. You must be wondering by yourself, “I accidentally used fabric softener instead of detergent what to do now?” The answer is, it won’t do any lasting harm to your clothes, they will be just not very clean. As fabric softener can’t cleanse sweat or dirt, you still need to re-run the washer putting detergent on its correct dispenser again. That’s it.

Last Words

If you’ve got sensitive skin that gets irritated easily, add fabric softener in your washing routine. Your skin will thank you for this. So, when to add fabric softener without dispenser? Pour it manually in the water at the last rinse cycle. There are so many alternative solutions, pick any of them. Just don’t put it in the bleach dispenser. It’s best not to take risks.