How To Child Proof Light Switches? – 3 Easy Tips & Tr

Do you have a child at your house?

Don’t think that we’ve asked you this question unnecessarily. You know you have so many responsibilities, and we believe you practice all of them, definitely. But when you have a child, then your first responsibility is to ensure the home safety of your child. Agree?

Well, the electric light switches are the dangerous source where an accident may occur. We hope you want to make the switches and all other electrical outlets safe for your child, at very first. In fact, it is your first responsibility, and you should ensure this.

We don’t know whether you applied any technique or not! Here, we’re going to share some tricks to show you how to child proof light switches can be made and the electric outlet also. Let’s move on.

The child loves to explore, and they can put their little fingers in some dangerous areas such as light switch and electric outlet, which is very risky. That is why you should make the switch childproof with light switch covers. At the same time, you should also block the electric outlet to keep safe their finger out of danger.

1. Install Cover on Light Switch and Make it Childproof

Your goal is to make the light switch as your baby doesn’t have access to it. You can easily do this very simply. You can make the cover from the recycled plastic in your house. Just cut a moderately hard plastic bottle according to the size you need. Voila! Your covers for light switches are made.

Now you have to make two holes both on the covers and the light switch. Then just install the cover on the switch with screws. Install the cover in such a way as it remains curved over the switch, and you can reach the switch under the cover. Thus you can make the switch lock and keep it out of reach from your kids.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time to do this, you can buy a new child proof light switch and then install it. Besides, safety first light switch cover is also available in the market; they are also good.

2. Block/Cover the Electric outlets

Have you ever count how much electric outlet do you have in your living place? Your child loves to penetrate their little fingers into the hole of the outlet, such as power points, socket, etc. You should block them to stop your kid’s little finger from being pushed.

In the market, you find different types of outlet protectors. Collect those protectors and put them into your electrical outlets. The protectors are not too hard to remove for adults, but your child cannot remove them easily.

On the other way, you can also cover all the electrical outlets to make them safe for your child. Follow the same procedure as you followed to make the light switches childproof. Remember, your child is not completely safe until you cover an electrical outlet, even that is the last one.

3. Enclose Power Cords

We often use different types of power cords, which are mobile. They are also very risky for your child. You should also keep them away from your child’s little finger. To ensure the safety of the power boards and cords, you may use a plastic container. Use the container which covers the entire boards. Now your children are safe from the cords and power boards.

How Do I Stop My Toddler from Playing with a Light Switch?

The previous tasks are your first responsibility for your kid’s safety. After that, you should also know how to prevent them from playing with a light switch. The way to child proof light switches are definitely important, but you should do more. Apply the following tricks.

1. Make the Switches Unreachable

You can hide the switches. Yes, you can. We know your kid’s safety is the first priority for you. If you rearrange your furniture, you can hide most of the switches. You won’t have any problem using the switches, but your child won’t play with them.

2. Explain the Danger

If you can make them understand the danger, they will never try to play with the dangerous things. Yes, it takes time, and you also have to wait for the time until they understand, but it definitely works.

3. Let Them Play with Their Favorite Things

We are pretty sure the light switches and the electrical outlets are not only the things that they love to play with. Try to understand what other things do they love to play with? Let your child play with them. If they enjoy what they are doing, they won’t go other where to play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a locking switch?

Primarily, a locking switch is a switch that requires a key to activate the switch. But, here, it means the way of locking the switch, which prevents the child from hitting it on/off.

Can you change a light switch with the power on?

Yes is a straightforward answer, But you should do this. The electricians can change the light switch with power on, but the careful electricians never do this. Just remember, you should take the maximum safety while you are dealing with electricity.

What do you do if you get shocked by a light switch?

Somebody advises not to worry about the minor shocks, but I argue. No matter it is minor or major! If you experienced any kind of shock, just call a professional and stay away until the problem has been solved.

Is it safe to put tape over outlets?

Generally, placing duct tape over a standard outlet might not cause any danger. But, it is the safest way not to put anything over the outlet.

Bottom Line

Do you think these are your duties only? We think you don’t think so. Yes, your thinking is very much right. These are only the important steps that you should do. But you should always be careful of your child and observe them always. Share this content with your friends or neighbors to whom this how to child proof light switches guide may consider very important.

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