Can Two Toilets Share the Same Drain? – Dwell Hack

Owning and maintaining a house is not as easy as it seems. You need to take care of many things to run everything smoothly. Again, some faults may cause you trouble later. So, stay aware while constructing your house in the first place.

There are a few changes that you may need afterward. For example, attaching two toilets side by side. While connecting two toilets back to back, can two toilets share the same drain? Here are the details below.

Back To Back Toilet Installation

Well, you may connect two toilets to the same drain. If the toilets stay on the same side of the house, you can share a single drain for both of them, but if they’re on different sides, forget about it.

The vertical line that follows from your toilet to drain is called soil stack. The soil stack stays somewhere between two toilets, which needs to be shown in the back to back toilet plumbing diagram.

The stack is prepared from a 4 inch ABS plastic pipe, and the plumber needs to put the stack vertically that runs to the horizontal drainage line. The connecting line between the stack and main sewer line should have a lowest downward slope of ¼ inch per foot.

A clean-out has to be installed at the vertical stack base where it changes direction to horizontal. A closet flange is used to connect the toilet drain to the drainpipe. To install closet flanges in both the toilets, saw a hole in the floor with a reciprocating saw. Insert the flange and screw it to the floor.

ABS pipe is used from each flange as the same diameter as the flange opening to the main stack. The tube should have a downward slope between 1/8 to ¼ inch per foot. Then, cut into the waste stack at where the opposite end converges and stick in a clean tee with the ABS concrete. Connect the pipe to the tee with glue.

Finally, to vent the stack, you have to glue a coupling high on the waste stack and run ABS pipe from there through the roof. The vent pipe remains at least a foot above the roofline. Sealing the roof opening by establishing vent flashing around the pipe’s exposed sections is the last thing to do.

How to Keep Your Toilet Drain Clean?

When you are done plumbing a toilet, the next thing is to maintain the toilet, soil stack, and the drain.

If there’s any problem due to clogging or other breakdowns, you need to suffer a lot. Again lack of cleaning results in settlement of debris in the line and thereby toilet overflows. So, the attention you provide in plumbing for a toilet, needs to continue for long.

Here are few tips to take care of your toilet drain:

  • When you throw items like diapers, clothes, or pads, they expand in contact with water and create a pipe blockage. So don’t consider your toilet as a bin.
  • You can remove the debris with water force. If you can simultaneously flush all the house toilets, obstructions like debris or rocks will go away with water.
  • Flushing hot water can help to remove all deposits from the toilet pipe.
  • Use toilet cleaners available in the market to keep it odor-free and clean. Is drain cleaner an acid or base? No matter what cleaner you use, they’ll keep your toilet right on top.
  • Maintain a schedule to clean the toilet. It needs to be cleaned periodically to keep everything in order.

Final Verdict

So, can two toilets share the same drain? Well, technically, toilets and pipes share the same drain under the house. But before starting with the implementation process, your plan needs to be inspected by an approved plumber.